Our Sunday service is a Sung Eucharist at 10:15am.                

We welcome you to join us in worship                               

St John's Cathedral worship uses a modern language service. We are currently worshipping with restrictions due to Covid-19.

Whilst we cannot enjoy our normal hymns and choral music, the organ gives us music to lift our hearts and enable us to reflect. Our Assisting Organists: James Campbell (Sundays) and George Cringles (Wednesdays) currently lead us and we hope our resident Organist - Norman Nicholson will be able to return soon.

We have a Wednesday Eucharist at 11:00am 

Our Wednesday Eucharist uses the modern language service and is currently recorded for those unable to worship in the Cathedral. It is posted on our YouTube channel every Thursday morning. Members of the congregation are not on camera, but the community of voices can be heard.

Through Covid-19 we have various gatherings through Zoom - Coffee Mornings and Word Services (no communion) including hymns to keep our voices ready to sing again when possible. To join these, please see the Weekly Sheet or contact the Provost through the Contact Us page. 

Special Services   

At particular times of the year ~ Christmas and Easter, at Remembrance, Harvest and at other times of celebration or commemoration, St John's Cathedral offers special services.    Please check our weekly sheet, facebook page, magazine and events pages for details of these. 

For Children 

Although St John's does not have a Sunday School, we delight in sharing our worship with children and young people. For our younger members, we have a dedicated area with crafts and sheets that link to the theme of the service and toys for little ones. We hope that all will feel very welcome.

This is still available, toys are cleansed between uses and packs of pens etc are avaialble for individual use.


Music in the Cathedral

During Covid-19, restrictions dictate that we cannot sing together, but we await the day when our Choir can return and we can join in joyful hymnodyIn normal times our worship is much enhanced by the Cathedral Choir, directed by the Organist, Norman Nicholson. Members of the choir are drawn from amongst the worshipping community and lead us in our regular worship. They offer a wide range of choral music, through hymnody, service settings and anthems. 

Three times a year they lead us in a traditional language service with a fully choral setting of the Eucharist and during the summer, sing Cathedral Choral Evensongs. 

Norman Nicholson has led the choir over many years and is a well known musician who in addition directs the Oban Bach Choir and Orchestra. He is a teacher and composer who has written one of the Eucharistic settings used regularly in the Cathedral.

We also have 2 assisting Organists: James Campbell and George Cringles.


The Organ in St John's Cathedral

The Organ by J Wood and Sons was installed in 1994.


Contra Bourdon                32                         Open Diapason                 8

Principal                          16                           Chimney Flute                  8

Bourdon                           16                           Principal                           4

Violone                            16                           Nason Flute                      4

Octave                              8                           Twelfth                               2 2/3

Flute                                 8                           Fifteenth                            2

Choral Bass                      4                           Piccolo                              2

Trombone                        16                           Sesquialtera                    12.17 II

Schalmei                          8                            Mixture                             19.22.26 III

Trumpet                           8

    Great to Pedal

    Swell to Pedal                    Swell to Great

    Choir to Pedal                    Choir to Great

    Great/Pedal Pistons Coupled



Quintadena                    16                           Spitz Flute              8

Principal                          8                           Principal                  4

Gedackt                          8                           Flute                        4

Spitz Gamba                   8                           Nazard                    2 2/3

Voix Celeste                    8                           Block Flute              2

Octave                            4                           Tierce                      1 3/5

Flute                               4                           Dulzian                     16

Fifteenth                         2                            Crumhorn                 8

Larigot                            1 1/3                      Tremulant          

Mixture                  IV

Contra Fagotto                16                           Swell to Choir

Trompette                        8

Clarion                             4



6 thumb pistons for each manual. 6 toe pistons for pedals.

6 general pistons (thumb and toe). 8 coupler pistons.

Memory Capture System, A, B, and C.

Expression Pedals for Swell and for Choir.

MIDI and Playback facilities.